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Integrity is difficult to be expressed in words, but it can be realized through quality; “EASYPACK” starts from the viewpoint of safety, environmental protection and people-consciousness, so that foods have a good coat and can be enjoyed safely.

Because we cherish the land, we attach importance to the environmentally friendly and sustainable development. The sounds of friendship and knowledge we meet and the affirmative voices of each customer become the driving force for progress and the positive circle of friendliness.

Manage and treat every customer with care.

Since its inception, Easypcak has worked tirelessly to promote the management philosophy and superior quality of efficiency, innovation, service and collaboration around the world, and to operate a cooperative relationship with each customer and supplier.

We’ve always wanted to provide the highest quality products and solve our customers’ food packaging needs. Nowadays, we also offer our customers an environmentally friendly ingredient packaging product.

Adhering to the principles and expanding outward.

Recognized and trusted by customers in the food packaging industry, the sales region has gradually spread overseas, including North America, South America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe and so on. Your trust is our driving force.

In response to the changing environment of today’s food packaging market, we have redefined the organizational development pattern, sales direction and actively invested in more fully automated production lines, so that you and we can work together in a longer-term direction.

It is our mission to meet your needs.

Pursue the quality and share with peace of mind.

Your best long-term business partner.

Our Professional Team can provide a “One-stop Service” to fulfill your need.

Caution and Conscientiousness makes Perfect

We are strict about quality and conduct the necessary tests throughout the manufacturing process.

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Our team of professionals is rigorous in every detail of the product design and manufacturing process to satisfy our customers with exquisite products.

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We have a wide range of food packaging applications with unique features and individual use scenarios for each product category!