Caution and Conscientiousness makes Perfect

We seriously value the quality and conduct necessary tests throughout manufacturing.

Throughout experiences more than a decade, and for constantly improve the functions, constructions, and quality of all our products, we keep doing research and testing to ensure that our material is used and developed to the best condition and fulfilled the stability, reusability, and sustainability that all conform the market and international specifications while using our products.

Recently, we keep investing and developing on Manufacturing Technology of products with additional values, as well as introducing the latest equipment and technology.

Stable quality, recycle and reuse, eco-friendly, and food safety are what we care all the time. We would like to offer the best food packaging containers and protect our environment with you.

Easypack has gotten not only ISO9001 and ISO22000 certifications for quality and management, but also certifications for products such as DIN CERTCO. Apart from that, our material and products are regularly sent to third-party inspection units for testing. Therefore, all our products are safe for both sellers and buyers.

Seven steps of Quality Supervision

1. Design Management
2. Order Examination
3. Material Quality Check
4. Production Quality Check
5. Final Product Quality Check
6. Out-going Quality Check
7. Customer Satisfaction


Want to know about relevant inspection certificates?

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