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What Are the Benefits of rPET Material?

Why recently more and more people prefer to use rPET material for food packaging?

For one, rPET is highly sustainable. rPET material leaves smaller carbon footprints, and it’s fully recyclable. It can be reused at will. And, by using rPET, it takes a lot less time to create products. For example, statistically speaking, creating plastic water bottles from entirely recycled material uses 75% less energy compared to making the PET from the ground up.

Furthermore, rPET material is also resistant to chemicals, and it doesn’t require too much energy or the use of harmful substances to preserve it.


What Are the Benefits of rPET?

1. rPET is recycled after real consumption, a cycle dedicated to a sustainable future.

2. 36% CO2 reduction can be achieved, which contributes significantly to the prevention of ozone depletion and the reduction of water usage.

3. rPET is very durable, strong, and flexible.

4. With SCS, GRS and TUV certification.


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